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Reviewer: cai20160509 Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/05/16 - 04:13 am Title: viagra gelato

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Reviewer: thecolouroftheoceanafterastorm Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 19/12/15 - 04:54 pm Title: viagra gelato

spy au and secret relationship with your brothers best friend au. 

literally, this thing needs some kind of warning - i was not ready!

love this and can not wait to read more!

love, gem xx

Author's Response:

ahhhh i'm so glad you liked it gem!! (and a thousand thousand apologies for the ridiculous, RIDICULOUS lateness of this)

part 2 should be coming along soon (i hope) and that will finally incorporate the prompt (i swear i have no idea how i went from your prompt to THIS spy au/secret relationship au thing)

thank you for reviewing!!

Reviewer: whisperedexplosions Signed [Report This]
Date: 16/12/15 - 03:54 am Title: viagra gelato

Sabrina yassss!! I should be studying but i love spies and calum and I just had to read this! And i'm so glad i did because this is so awesome.

I can't imagine the ammount of planning you must have put into this, although i think it must be fun to plan a spy mission, think like a spy, solve the mystery even though you  created it! Ahah

adore cal and bea but i'll start with everyone else so that i can rant about them at the end xp

the notion of luke and michael as spies is kind of hilarious to me, i can just imagine them hiding in bushes, almost tripping when they are following someone...and tbh luke showing up with his hair all covered in leaves and three branches only adds to that image ahah. you do show us they are capable of being serious though, and i find that so great because it adds dimention to the story, they may be goofy but they are still agents at the end of the day 

i have to admit i'm curious to see if ashton's lab training will come in handy during the mission! Mostly because i live all types of nerds and scientists in spy movies, like Q in james bond!! Also i wonder about his little crush on bella (that's a thing right? Calling isabella just bella.) if they will succumb to their feelings (assuming bella likes him too) or just keep it professional

finally about cal and bea!! The tension between is amazing and i loooove thrir secret realtionship so much! It is not at all what i expected when i read the summary and it came as such a nice surprise! I can't wait to see how this all turns out, whether they tell ash or someone else does or if he discovers on his own...maybe they break up without him finding out but i don't want to think about that :(( also i can't wait to see your prompt come to life and maybe understand better the fake married part of the summary because a calum and bea wedding would be everything!!! 

lastly i love bea as a teacher! She is nice and she just strikes me as that one teacher everyone can't help but love. I hope whatever is going on with Adalina doesn't ruin that for her, and that she can help adalina somehow..

in conclusion i love love love this and i'm so glad you say part 2 is coming soon because i can't wait!!!  Great, GREAT job!! Xx 

Author's Response:

omg hi leonor!! (i just realized i never followed you back on tumblr and i am going to go do that right this moment) and ik i love spies and calum too and tbh i finished writing this in the middle of studying oops

i looooooove all those cliched spy movies/books (gallagher girls, hello?) and i knew i had to write a cliche spy story at some point so i was definitely excited to write this haha

I KNOW 5SOS AS SPIES WOULD BE A DISASTER probably a disaster with a really great track record but a disaster nonetheless 

honestly ashton and isabella/bella (as he affetctionately calls her) just kind of.... happened? they came about pretty organically while i was writing this and i have no idea where they came from but i'm glad they're here 

calum and bea are so fun to write esp bc i haven't written an established relationship yet and i love those SO MUCH i live for domestic established relationship fluff ahhh

as for calum and bea and the engagement prompt, well, you'll find out soon ;) 

and so true about bea as a teacher!! i imagine her as that laid-back, #relatable #goals young teacher that everyone can't help but adore. and we shall see about adalina...

i am so glad you liked this!!! part 2 (i hope) should be coming along while i'm on winter break, so hopefully before the new year...? no promises tho lol i know i'd screw myself over if i make any guarantees

thank you so much for reviewing!!

Reviewer: flummoxed Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 16/12/15 - 12:36 am Title: viagra gelato

sabrina!! i put off my ever-escalating pile of homework for a few minutes to relax and read this and i am so so glad i did

i'm just thinking about the sheer amount of research that probably went into something like this (also let me just say i love secret agent au's omg) and i'm super impressed!! also the fact that calum speaks italian sighhhhh i practically swooned

bea seems like such a chill character but she keeps shooting calum down and it makes me :( bc i just want them both to be happy!!

anyway i can't wait for part 2!! i will surely review again <333333333

Author's Response:

ERICA!! omg good luck on your hw girl you are so close to winter break!!! and i'm glad this was an opportunity for you to relax bc you definitely deserve it :)))

ohy my god spy au's are my dream i think they're so much fun and ngl i was thinking about the gallagher girl series a lot when i was writing this AND I KNOW CALUM SPEAKING ITALIAN dnsakjfnjdkalnjknadfjk 

for some reason i see bea as my own little sister (even though she's ashton's and she's like a couple years older than me? idk) and i know :( poor calum just wants to be with bea 100% 

part 2 is coming soon!! (spoiler alert eriza made me a fantastic picspam so i'll probably be posting it along with that) and i look forward to seeing you back here again!! hope everything is going swell for you erica ily xx

Reviewer: wakinguptired Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 14/12/15 - 03:47 pm Title: viagra gelato

hi sabrina!!!  i love this.  the chemistry between calum and bea is super palpable, and i was so anxious reading, waiting for ashton to find out about them...   i'm interested in bea's interest in adalina and i'm excited to find out more -- and for the accidentally married bit??? -- in part 2.

i hope you're doing okay with finals, sabrina!!  you can do it!!

natasha xx

Author's Response:

YAY i had a lot of fun writing calum and bea!! they are #goals and who knows what'll happen when ashton finds out about them ;)

(ngl the accidentally married bit sounds v contrived rn so i'm trying to..... write through it idk)

omg i saw your review when i was in the middle of finals week and it literally brightened up my day so much thank you natasha you're best <3

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