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With the spare room now free of drums and guitars and boxes full of things they didn’t really need, the room was free to rent. And what was the point in wasting a decent sized room when someone could be paying to live there; helping with money. The 4 boys agreed on posting an ad paper in hopes someone would be insane enough to move in.

It turns out the ad missed only one minor detail. And when the only replicant turned up to flat 12A, they realised they should've mentioned that one small factor.

Because Ellis wasn’t a he, he was a she.

And how would 1 girl living with 4 guys possibly be straight forward?

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Rated: T (PG-13)
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Published: 22/09/14 Updated: 07/10/14
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I'm god damn awful at summarys so I'm sorry ok!! 


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I hope you like this as the first story I've posted on here. :)

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