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Michael Clifford has a secret. It’s not the sort of secret that anyone would believe, even in the unlikely event that he elected to share it. Michael Clifford’s grandfather is Death. Yes. You read that right. DEATH. He of the black cloak and scythe fame. Oh, and the whole ‘walking skeleton’ thing. Even Death needs a day off…This Halloween, see what happens when Mikey stands in for Death. Will he have what it takes to take a life? What if that life is the life he would do anything to protect? In a battle between death, friendship and love, which will prevail on this most twisted of nights?

Rated: T (PG-13)
Categories: Fantasy, Humor, Romance Characters: Michael Clifford
Warnings: Language
Challenges: Out of the Box Halloween Fic Fest
Challenges: Out of the Box Halloween Fic Fest
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 5000 Read: 310
Published: 30/10/14 Updated: 30/10/14

1. Chapter 1 by Ashtons_giggle_is_life [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (5000 words)

This is my entry for the OutoftheBox Halloween Fic Fest. My key word was Death. It's my first 5SOS fic (I write as Perfect_to_Me on 1dFF). I hope you like it.