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Zella has spent years living in her family's old mansion, saving abused orphans and letting them live with her and four boys.

Now her world is about to be turned upside-down when the town stops giving out food rations.

Their only choice is to run their own Robin Hood kind of service, stealing anything they can find from the government and giving it to the poor to sell for food.

The only thing is, they have to stay a secret before the wrong people find out and use their abilities against them.


This story tells the tragic story of survival, death, love, and a young gir's belief that anything is possible



I woke up in the same cold, damp bed that I had been waking up in for the past ten years. My family had died when I was eight years old, and I was left behind in our old house. If you really want to know why they died, you can just look out a window. All around the world, the zombies roamed free, no longer kept in their safety reserves, they could kill, eat, or corrupt anyone they please. So in a nutshell, the govenment sucks balls right now and we can't do anyhting about it cause everyone's afraid to go outside. But for once, I'm not alone. For the past two years, I've been living with four boys and about fifteen little orphan kids that we resued. Yes you heard me right, one girl living with tons of orphans in the middle of the zombie apacolypse. I'm nutso, but I'll do anything to stay alive, and keep these kids alive

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1. Out of the Shadows by noneofyourbiz [Reviews - 6] (1771 words)

Basically, there is no safety but the saftety you create