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Calum knew there was something about her.

From the first time he laid eyes on Lilith, he knew.

It was her eyes.  They had so many secrets to them that Calum wanted to figure out.

He needed to figure them out.

Especially because it seemed that Lilith's secrets were about him.


“You do this all the time, Lilith, please!” Alice sighed in exasperation. “Almost everywhere we go, you think you find him, you spill your guts, and it’s not him.  You become heartbroken all over again, everyone thinks you’re crazy, and we have to move again.”

“Look, I didn’t even say it was him, okay?” Lilith ran her hand through her hair. “I didn’t even say it was him.”

“But you think it is.”

Calum breathed heavily, stretching his legs as he stood, listening.

“Well?  Lilith?”

“What?  You didn’t ask a question, you made a statement.”

“But you think it is?” Alice asked. “Question mark?”

“I—” Lilith stuttered. “I don’t know.  I…I want it to be him.  But…I also don’t. Do you think I like getting hurt all the time?  Of course not.  It’s just…”

“You think it’s him.” Alice’s voice became softer. “And I get it.  But you can’t keep living your life like this.”


“I’ll stay away.” Lilith clutched her books tighter to her chest. “I’ll stay away from Calum.  Are you happy?”


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Published: 04/04/15 Updated: 17/05/15
Story Notes:

First, I'd like to make a disclaimer.  This story will kind of be loosely around the story of Lilith from the bible.  I say loosely because I'm not particularily religious and I don't know much about it; only what I've read in my research for this story.  So please, if I say anything here that's a little different from the true story, I don't mean any of it to be offensive or to disrespect religion.  I'm just basing it off that original story and changing it to go with this.

Also the story is also based off the Salem Witch Trials.  It may seem weird, but please work with me.

Again, no disrespect meant.  Thank you!

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