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"I don't normally do this," she sighed, "but I will let you have my fiance for a week."

Family was always the first priority for Lucy, so being invited to her older brother's wedding as a bridesmaid was something she refused to miss. However, when her best friend Calum is made a best man and she has to spend a week with him and away from his suspicious fiance Jaz, old feelings that Lucy wish she could forget about start scratching at the surface; bringing the two closer than they have ever been before. Even closer than when they were secretly dating.

An AU ficlet for the Serious' Sentence Challenge


Rated: T (PG-13)
Categories: Angst, Drama, Romance Characters: Calum Hood, OC
Warnings: Language, Sexual Content
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Published: 30/07/15 Updated: 11/08/15

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