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"Look beyond reality, Luke. You can see so much more."

She was a dream...no no, a nightmare. Something he could never believe, not just for a second. Everything he knew, everything he loved, everything; was falling apart. Ever since he saw her. Ever since she looked at him; surprise bewildered upon her face. It was like he knew her, a part of him did. A part of him knew he should look away, and forget about her face. However, another part of him was drawn to her. Drawn to the way her hair cascaded down her back. Drawn to the way her lips were the color of a red rose. Drawn to the way her eyes sparkled underneath the sunlight. Drawn to the way she had complete power over him, although he didn't even know her...not yet.


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Story Notes:

This story is based upon The Mortal Instruments series and the Beautiful Creatures series.

This story is also uploaded on my Wattpad account; louishemmings.

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This is a kind of short, first chapter, but whatever. Hope you like it!

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Hope you like it!

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Sorry it took so long! And sorry it's a shitty chapter...I had major writer's block! Next one should be better(: