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Ashton Irwin, is the definition of pure trouble-fights and blood, bad marks and a drop out, passed mother and an abussive father. He was dark and mysterious, but that shouldn't allow you to trust him into thinking he'd change all for a silly girl and a hopeful brother? Yet, poor Rhea does it anyways. In a sort she was convinced by a little one, but how can an angel love a monster? Especially when he's a beautiful mess. But maybe Rhea has some secrets of her own. 

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a bad boy Ashon/Rhea fanfiction


similar to Han-Raw's "Dark" and Hoplessplace's "Boys Like You" but with my own sugar and spice. 

Rated: T (PG-13)
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Challenges: Ashton Irwin, BAD BOY STORIES, Dark, A Worthy Challenge For You
Challenges: Ashton Irwin, BAD BOY STORIES, Dark, A Worthy Challenge For You
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Published: 06/01/14 Updated: 23/11/14
Story Notes:

it all started when I was searching the bad boy fanfics category and saw the lack of darker fics. so I kinda just wrote this. yes, it's similar to Dark and Boys Like You. But am putting a little twist on it-so be prepared. I give credit to those authors because I used their stories as a base line I did not copy and paste or anything absurd like that. This is my own original story, so please do not hate on it. Thank you and enjoy. 

disclaimer: I do not own anyone used in this FanFiction.

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here it is lovelies. 

enjoy, and may the ashton feels begin! Xx

2. chasing cars by sos-in-1derland [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1506 words)

Sorry for the SUPER LATE update, you guys can rage and yell at me all you want. I'm sooooooooo sorry. I feel like I just took a stuffed animal from a kid;( 

hope you guys can forgive me? 

3. Yelling, This, and Scruffy. by sos-in-1derland [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1172 words)

4. Teary Eyes, Lucas, and You? by sos-in-1derland [Reviews - 0] (1300 words)

Please stay and read the notes at the end-I swear I have an explanation.