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Lia is just a normal high school student, until she learns that she is apart of something more. 


And when she loses everything, she doesn't know who she is anymore


but then three boys step into her life and tell her all the amazing things she is suppose to be 


she is apart of a kind, call balencers, they control the elements to keep the world in balance 


can this unlikely group really save their race and the world? Can Lia really amount to what she is suppose to be? 



Rated: T (PG-13)
Categories: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance Characters: Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford
Warnings: Death
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Published: 11/01/14 Updated: 11/01/14

1. Storms roll in by calumgirll [Reviews - 5] (1048 words)

I may not put the boys in right away, i just really want to set out the character of Lia and all the trouble she goes through before she meets them. 

hope you like! enjoy :)