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New year new me.

Hi guys, it's me, Chloe. I've been around for a while now, and as you can see, there are a bit of changes around here. Before I talk about those, I'll just finish my introduction. I'm sixteen, from the great land of Minnesota, and happen to love many things (I wont list them all bc it's a lot, but it you look at my tumblr, you will find out). I write like crazy and it's one of the only hobbies I have (that and digital art). So stay, enjoy, hope you've liked what I've written.

Now for the changes!
I've been gone for a long while i am aware. I've been going through some major life changes (work, driving, school), and have been finding myself occupying my free time with other things. I'm still writing though! Summer is approaching, and while I do have a job, I will be free a lot more. This means I will have more time to write (hopefully). I can't promise that'll I'll even be fully back because with me, you never know when I'll suddenly want to stop. But I'm going to try. So you might see things update now and then.

It is also likely that I will be removing old unfinished stories. Don't worry, the finished ones will remain.

There will be plenty of new things don't worry! Most of which will be posted soon!


Sogni D'oro (Sequel to Once Upon a Dream

Chasing the Sun

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