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Alice Langdon. Your average teenager. Obsessed with bands she may never meet, doesn't go out with her friends because she never feels like leaving her room, loves to stuff her face with food even though she never gains weight. She has a mom, dad, brother, family dog and cat. She is living the normal life. Her mom is a very over protective woman. She does not let Alice do anything outside of the house without her knowing every single detail.

Alice; a 5'0 tall, curvy but skinny, chocolate brown haired girl with to different eye colors; ones hazel and the others blue, and perfect teeth; asks her mother, Jean, if she could go to the only New York concert 5 Seconds of Summer will be attending, but Jean denies any question her daughter asks.

Alice thinks of all of the ways she could leave her house the day of the concert while she sits on her bed, scrolling through tumblr and twitter. She gets a text from her mother 4 hours before the concert starts saying that she wont be home until at least 10:30 and shes not going to bother looking for her as she will be tired and know where she is anyways. All these things run through Alice's mind while she reads this text.

But, will this one risky choice make her or break her? Will she make it out alive? Will she get there and back without notice? Will she meet her idols? Will they pull her on stage like the last girl? Or, will she get caught leaving? Will she get teared to shreds by her mother? Will she make it or will her life be as basic and boring as the colors black and white?


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Categories: Romance
Characters: Calum Hood
Warnings: None
Series: None
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Zombie Apocalypse, every gamers dream came true. But gamers, they didn't expect so many to change. The Living Dead never sleeps, never eats, never anything.

How can you survive when you have no one to watch your back?

Michayla Evans isn't a gamer but is surviving. Never played a game in her life, yet killed several zombified gamers.

After saving a group of four males, she wished that she left them to get eaten hut the skunk haired one caught her eye.

She hopes a zombie stays away from his face because she finds it kinda cute.


"I knew I should have left you four to be eaten!" I whisper-yelled at the boys who kept knocking over boxes, drawing the killers our way. 20 or more were in this group and those idiots knocked something over. "Why not just hold up a large All You Can Eat blinking sign over our heads?" I exclaimed as I checked my guns for ammo before strapping them to my thigh and gripping my machetes.

Running out first, I slice the head off of several of them before one gets to close to me that I couldn't raise my hand in time to defend myself. Suddenly, he dead brains are leaking out of a hole on the side of his head resulting in him falling to the ground dead. Glancing up, I lock gazes with my rescuer, "Not bad, Hollywood." I comment as another head is deprecated from its owners shoulders. 

Categories: Suspense, Horror, Adventure, Romance
Characters: Michael Clifford, OC
Warnings: Death, Graphic Violence, Language, Sexual Content, Suicide
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
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Tara Nicole wasn’t new in the world of makeup, but she is new to the life of doing others. She graduated school and set out to find someone to hire her to professionally do what she loves most. Several weeks and a website later, she gets a call from a tour manager saying that the makeup artist that they hired has broken her arm so she can’t make it.

She never heard of 5 Seconds Of Summer until she was on the plane headed to Britain, too late to back out now.

An awkward 18 year old and a popular group of teenage boys who are used to getting what they want, put together for half a year will surely drive her insane.


“I think we need to stop.” I whisper as he kisses down my neck, making his way toward my chest.

His hands reach up and pull my shirt off, “Just be quiet and enjoy.” He tells me as he reaches behind me and tries to unclasp my bra but I push him off before he can do anything else.

Sitting up, “I said I think we need to stop.” I state louder than the first time, crossing my arms over my chest accidently pushing my breasts up which his gaze locks onto. “Men.” I huff unfolding my arms and pulling my shirt on.

“Why do we need to stop, princess?” He asks. “You know, I don't like sharing.” He chuckles before pushing me down against the mattress for the second time.

Groaning, “Ashton! Get off of me.” I complained trying to free myself of his heavy weight. But when his lips met mine, the familiar butterflies reappeared in my stomach.

I grab the back of his head and pull his hair hard away from my face, he head lifts and he wines from pain. Placing my hands on his very firm chest, I give it a shove and he almost falls off of the bed. As I stand up, I grasp one of the belt loops in his pants and drag him to the door where I push him outside and slam the door before locking it. Sliding down, I let a few tears fall and decide that I need to distance myself from him.

I wasn’t meant to fall in love with my fuck buddy.



Ashton Irwin/Harry Styles


Warnings :

Sexual Content, Language, Eating Disorder, Feels


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Categories: Adventure, Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Ashton Irwin
Warnings: Sexual Content
Challenges: Ashton Irwin, ANYTHING FUNNY, FEELS CRISIS , Just Give Me Something To Read , Onr Directon AND Five Seconds of Summer?! , Realistic Fanfic, The Perfect One, Ashton Irwin, Need some stories!!, ALL IN --, ANY!!!!
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He told her to stay away from that one.


He told her that nothing good came from him.


He told her that she would only get hurt


She told him that she didnt care.




Alex was different than the usual girls. She would be crushing on a nerd and the next minute she was making out with the star Quarterback. She only had a couple friends at school so she wasn't used to being popluar. But that's when everything changed. A certain band member visits and throws her into the pop star life head first.


This new life is like a rollercoaster, turning left and right, going upside down several times leaving her in near hysteria.


But it's worth it, he's worth it.




Screaming, "What do you want from me?" Tears streaming down my face as I watched the guy standing in front of me. He walks up to me and grips the top of my arms before meeting my grey eyes with his beautiful blue ones.


"I only want you, Alex." He speaks causing me to raise my hand to muffle the sob threatening to come out. "Ever since you walked in that door the very first night, you turned my life upside down. Every move you made. Every comment you spoke." Raising his hand to wipe away a tear on my face, "I just fell more in love with you."


I stumbled back away from him at these words, my hand not able to muffle my sob. As he took a step towards me, I took a step back causing sadness to cover his features. "Please." I stutter. "Don't."


He goes to speak but I rip the door open and bolt down the hotel hallway and ram into my cousin on accident. He looks at my tear stained face before pulling me to his chest and taking me to his room.


Sitting down on the bed with me, he lets me get all my anger out by screaming and punching his pillow. In my childish fit, I looked over at his roommates bed and before I could blink, I had the head ripped off of his favorite stuffed penguin.



Luke Hemmings/Ashton Irwin


 Warnings :

Sexual Content, Self-Harm, Eating Disorder, Language, Feels



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Categories: Adventure, Drama, General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford
Warnings: Self Harm, Sexual Content
Challenges: LUKE HEMMINGS, ANYTHING FUNNY, Just Give Me Something To Read , Brother stories (:, xx all, The Perfect One, Need some stories!!, ALL IN --
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